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Sammy B and Zach were so excited to bring you the review of Episode 1 of The Mandalorian we uploaded it early! Enjoy!

Sammy B and Zach are starting a new show and it's all about opposites tastes and opinions. For November we talk about music we love and each recomend a film the other hasn't seen. Sam watches Avengers Infinity War and Zach sees Interstella 5555. Enjoy! 

This week we learned Benioff and Weiss are leaving Lucasfilm, Mandalorian cant come soon enoug, and Ewan McGregor has been hinding for years that a Obi Wan project was happening.

Join the guys at the back of the Line this week for an epic crossover event with the hosts of Sith Talk! Andy, Zach and Sammy B. cover the latest Batman movie news, they discuss their thoughts on the future of the Star Wars movie franchise, and the Sith Talk boys go head to head in the return of "Son of a Pitch"!

Jim & Kevin are off this week, but enjoy this mini episode with Sam's Final Say for October's Spotify Playlist. Who took the title for Best 25 songs this month? 

Sam and Zach are back and have a lot to cover! The Rise of Skywalker drops its final trailer, Critics love the Mandalorian, and we celebrate a full year of bringing you Sith Talk!

It's a home show this week! Jim & Kevin sit down to catch up on basic bitch fall activities and Jimmy becoming a dog dad - plus we're looking at The Devil Wears Prada's new album The Act - this week on Stage Dives & Dad Jokes

Sammy B and Zack C have cooked up a new segment for Sith Talk. We call it, What If. What if Luke and Leia switched where they grew up? What if Luke killed Vader? What if Palpatine went to trial? It's a crazy ride so fasten in because the hyperdrive is kicking in hard this week! 

Join the guys at the back of the line this week as Andy, Nat and Zach give their full spoiler review of the new Joker movie. Nat challenges Andy to the Taglines belt and we watched 1996's Bio-Dome for this weeks 30 for 30!

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